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Stay compliant with occupational health and safety regulations on Victoria construction sites. Learn about key regulations, requirements, and best practices for ensuring a safe and healthy workplace.

Complying with Occupational Health and Safety Regulations on Construction Sites in Victoria

Worksafe, Victoria’s regulator of workplace health and safety, refers to the updated legislation regarding Occupational Health and Safety Act on its website. The Act seeks to protect the health and safety of employees and the public at work. The Occupational Health and Safety Regulations 2017 builds on this act and sets the guidelines and responsibilities. Some of its requirements are the safe operation of major hazard facilities and training for high-risk work.

The regulator identifies the required licence for high-risk tasks such as a construction induction or white card course for construction work. Find out more about this training and registered organisations that offer this below.

How to Comply with the Occupational Health and Safety Regulations in Victoria?

Worksafe Victoria provides information on the following legislations on its website:

  • Occupational Health and Safety Act 2004
  • Occupational Health and Safety Regulations 2017
  • Equipment (Public Safety) Regulations 2017
  • Workplace Injury Rehabilitation and Compensation Act and regulations

The regulator’s website provides all the details you need on how you may comply with health and safety laws. One is getting a licence or training if your business or work performs a high-risk task. The white card is the required course if it involves construction.

What is the Construction Induction (White Card)?

The Construction Induction (White Card) involves work health and safety training. The Victorian government requires this before you can legally perform construction business or work. 

Safework Victoria lists the Registered Training Organisations that offer this white card course. Its code is CPCWHS1001 – Prepare to work safely in the construction industry.

What is the CPCWHS1001 – Prepare to Work Safely in the Construction Industry?

This unit of competency covers the following:

  • Demonstration of personal awareness and knowledge of health and safety legislative requirements.
  • Recognising how to work safely and prevent injury or harm to self and others.
  • Determining and orally reporting common construction hazards.
  • Understanding basic risk control measures.
  • Identification of correct procedures for responding to potential incidents and emergencies.
  • Appropriate selection and fitting of standard personal protective equipment (PPE) used for construction work.

Safework Victoria states the minimum duration of this course. 

What are the Requirements?

Interested enrollees must:

  • Have an age of at least 14 years old.
  • Provide photographic ID.

Qualified applicants may start the construction induction training at the Safework set’s time frame.

How Long?

The same regulator states that the white card course should run at a minimum of 6 hours. It also identifies the Registered Training Organisations that offer this at varying fees.

How Much?

Safework’s list of Registered Training Organisations offers the white card course at different prices. Accredited short courses (RTO NO 21903) delivers the training for $140 in its Melbourne white card course location.

Where is the Location?

The same RTO offers the white card course in Melbourne, Australia. Its regular course for CPCWHS1001 is now the current construction induction training that supersedes the previous versions.

What is the Mode of Delivery?

Safework does not allow online classes for the Construction Induction Training. So, Accredited Short Courses offer this course face-to-face for 6 regular hours. It also has a 15-minute pre-course registration and a 30-minute lunch break.

What Certificate Does it Issue?

After completion of the course, enrollees will undergo an assessment, and qualifying participants will receive the following:

  • Statement of Training in CPCWHS1001- Prepare to work safely in the construction industry (VIC) – valid for 60 days while waiting for the generation of the card.
  • A digital version of the statement. 

This document is required before you receive your white card.

When is the Release of the White Card?

After you successfully pass the training, the white card course provider will apply to Worksafe on your behalf. You will receive your white card in the mail in about two weeks.

What Can You Do with the White Card?

As mentioned above, occupational health and safety regulations outline the requirements for high-risk work. One is acquiring the necessary licence before performing work or business in an identified workplace. For construction sites in Victoria, training for Construction Induction is required. So, once you receive your white card, you can legally work and have business in this field.

How Long is the White Card Valid?

A white card becomes void if you stop doing construction work for 2 consecutive years or more.


Safework, Victoria’s workplace health and safety regulator, states that you need a licence for construction induction training (white card). It is required to comply with the occupational health and safety regulations on construction sites in Victoria. This course includes many aspects to ensure the safety of both the employees and the public in the workplace. Safework lists the Registered Training Organisations that deliver this course with the code CPCWHS1001 – Prepare to Work Safely in the Construction Industry. One of which is Accredited Short Courses that offer face-to-face training in its Melbourne location.