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Discover how general induction training can improve construction safety. Learn about the benefits and essential components of effective safety training.

General Induction Training to Maximise Construction Safety

According to Safework Australia, employees must have construction induction training (white card) before they are allowed to work on construction sites. It covers areas to ensure that construction workers are skilled and knowledgeable in working safely and preventing injury to others. At the same time, on-site Safework explains that work-related fatalities, injuries, and illnesses significantly affect workers, their families, and the community. So, the national policy body requires people involved to learn how to be safe on construction sites. If you want to learn more about this course and the dangers of construction sites, read further. It includes information on the Registered Training Organisations that deliver the white card training. The Work Health and Safety Act also requires the completion and successful assessment of this unit of competency.

What is Safework Australia?

Safework Australia is a national policy body that works with the Commonwealth, states, and territories to achieve healthier, safer, and more productive workplaces. It performs many functions, such as creating a national compliance and enforcement policy to help reach its goals.

One of its requirements is for construction workers to complete general induction training before they can work on-site.

What is General Induction Training?

The Construction Work Code of Practice states that general induction training covers the following:

  • The basics of construction work.
  • Laws regarding work health and safety.
  • Common hazards and controlling risks at work.

The code states that Registered Training Organisations deliver this course in Australia.

Who Delivers the General Induction Training? lists the Registered Training Organisations approved to deliver the general induction training on its website. One of these is Accredited Short Courses (RTO NO 21903) which provides the course throughout Australia.

Who are Accredited Short Courses (RTO NO 21903)?

Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA), the national regulator for the vocational education and training (VET) sector, manages Accredited Short Courses (RTO NO 21903). This training provider delivers the most intuitively constructed and engaging courses. It offers the current course code for general induction training, CPCWHS1001 – Prepare to work safely in the construction industry.

What is the CPCWHS1001 – Prepare to work safely in the construction industry training? lists the following coverage of the CPCWHS1001 – Prepare to work safely in the construction industry training:

  • Before starting construction work, anyone must undergo the required work health and safety training.
  • Awareness and knowledge of health and safety legislative requirements to work safely and prevent causing injury to others.
  • Identifying construction hazards and response procedures.
  • Understanding basic risk control measures.
  • Correct fitting of construction site personal protective equipment (PPE).

Safework has set the minimum duration of the general induction training.

How Long is the General Induction Training?

Safework Australia requires the general induction training to have a minimum duration of 6 hours. Accredited Short Courses (RTO NO 21903) complies with this and provides additional 15 minutes for pre-course registration and another 30 minutes for the lunch break. The organisation offers this course at low prices. 

How Much is the General Induction Training?

Accredited Short Courses (RTO NO 21903) offers general induction training at $140 throughout Australia.

Where is the Location of the General Induction Training?

Accredited Short Courses (RTO NO 21903) delivers general induction training in the following areas:

  • Melbourne
  • Laverton
  • Sydney
  • Liverpool
  • Parramatta

The registered training organisation’s mode of delivery for this course is a regular 6-hour. It has been helping thousands of successful enrollees comply with Safework’s policy and stay safe on construction sites.

What is the Policy Requiring General Induction Training?

The Construction Work Code of Practice is approved under the Work Health and Safety Act (the WHS Act).

How Does the General Induction Training Help to Ensure the Workers’ Safety at Work?

As mentioned above, the general induction training covers areas that may help construction workers identify hazards and provide an appropriate response.

What are the Hazards in Construction Sites?

The Construction Work Code of Practice lists the following possible hazards on site, and some of them are:

  • The workplace, its location, condition, layout, and accessibility.
  • Use of ladders.
  • Incorrect placement and setup of equipment.
  • Falling objects.
  • Trench collapse.
  • Handling of hazardous materials.
  • The possible dangers in the physical working environment such as electric shock.

The above hazards caused injuries to many construction workers.

What are the Common Construction Work Related Injuries?

Safework South Australia lists the following common construction work-related injuries on its website:

  • Slips
  • Trips
  • Musculoskeletal and muscular trauma
  • Cuts
  • Electrical hazards
  • Getting hit by an object
  • Mental stress
  • Fatigue

The Code of Practice outlines the processes for assessing the above risks.

How Can Risk Assessment Maximise Construction Safety?

The code states that a risk assessment is required in specific situations, which must include the following:

  • Eliminating the risk by removing the hazard from the construction area.
  • Minimising the risk by replacing materials with safer ones, isolating hazardous items, and engineering controls.
  • Reviewing control measures to verify their efficacy.
  • Preparing A Safe Work Method Statement (SWMS), implementing, and reviewing it.

Understanding the SWMS will require the skills and knowledge covered in the general induction training. The Code also outlines the general workplace management arrangements to help maximise construction safety.

What are the General Workplace Management Arrangements that will Help Maximise Construction Safety?

The code lists the following arrangements construction sites must have:

  • Safe working environment
  • Adequate facilities
  • Availability of first aid equipment and facilities
  • Emergency planning
  • Usage of the correct personal protective equipment (PPE)
  • Providing control measures to prevent falling objects

General induction training helps understand the above arrangements and their application at work.


General induction training covers the work health and safety training required for construction workers. It provides the skills and knowledge construction workers must have to maximise safety at work. Safework Australia requires people involved in construction to complete and pass this course to achieve a healthier, safer, and more productive workplace. Registered Training Organisations such as Accredited Short Courses (RTO NO 21903) deliver the current general induction training throughout Australia.