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Get started in the construction industry with our guide to induction training. Discover essential information, training requirements, and best practices for navigating the industry and ensuring workplace safety.

Navigating the Construction Industry: A Guide to Induction Training outlines the competency details of the updated course code for the general construction induction training. Its current mapping for the CPCWHS1001 – Prepare to work safely in the construction industry outlines the course contents. It sets the elements and performance criteria, foundation skills, range of conditions, and assessment requirements. This article discusses the mapping summary, why the law requires its completion for construction workers, and where to enrol in this training.

Who is is the national register on Vocational Education and Training (VET) in the country which is the source of the following:

  • Details of old and new pieces of Nationally Recognised Training (NRT).
  • List of Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) approved to deliver pieces of NRT.

General construction induction training is one of the identified Nationally Recognised Training by the government agency. maps the unit of competency details for its current course code.

What is the Current Course Code for the General Construction Induction Training?

According to, CPCWHS1001 – Prepare to work safely in the construction industry is the current general construction induction training course code. The same website maps the competency details of this unit.

What is the Unit of Competency Details for the General Construction Induction Training?’s mapping of the current construction induction training contains the following:

  • Modification History
  • Application
  • Elements and Performance Criteria
  • Foundation Skills
  • Range of Conditions
  • Assessment requirements and conditions

According to the website, there have been 2 releases of modifications for this training.

What is the Modification History?

The following previous releases came before the current version of the general construction induction training:

  • Release 1 – was released with CPC Construction, Plumbing, and Services Training Package Release 7.0. It included written skills and written reporting as some of the assessment requirements.
  • Release 2 – It corrected a minor typographical error in Release 1, which changed the ‘shirt of jacket’ to ‘shirt or jacket’.

The National Register outlines the application of this training.

What is the Application?

CPCWHS1001 – Prepare to work safely in the construction industry specifies the work health and safety training required before performing any construction work according to:

  • Model Work Health and Safety Regulations (Parts 1.1 and Part 6.5)
  • Occupational Safety and Health Regulations 1996 for Western Australia (Division 11 of Part 3)
  • Occupational Health and Safety Regulations 2007 for Victoria (Division 3 of Part 5.1)

This training contains specific elements and performance criteria.

What are the Elements and Performance Criteria?

General construction induction training contains the following main elements and performance criteria:

  • Identifying health and safety legislative requirements by understanding duty holders’ basic roles and responsibilities.
  • Identifying construction hazards and risk control measures by gaining information on basic risk management principles.
  • Identifying health and safety communication and reporting processes by properly explaining safety signs and symbols.
  • Identifying incident and emergency response procedures by knowing how to access first aid and fire safety equipment.

Detailed information on all the performance criteria is found on The website also describes the skills essential to perform this training.

What are the Foundation Skills?

The following foundation skills are required in the general construction induction training:

  • Numeracy skills to recognise the numbers used on safety signs.
  • Oral communication skills to ask, listen and relay construction problems.
  • Reading skills to follow safety instructions.
  • Problem-solving skills to select risk-control measures.
  • Written skills to complete forms.

Essential operating conditions may affect the performance of the above foundation skills.

What is the Range of Conditions?

According to the government website, the following work environments and conditions may affect performance:

  • Work situation
  • Candidate needs 
  • Item accessibility
  • Local industry and regional contexts

Training assessment may follow after considering the above items.

What are the Assessment Requirements?

There are two parts to assessing general construction induction training. 

What is the Required Performance Evidence?

A candidate is required to demonstrate performance evidence of the following:

  • Reporting construction hazards.
  • Selecting the appropriate PPE.
  • Demonstrating the proper fitting of personal protective equipment.
  • Explaining the following:
  • how to minimise or reduce risks.
  • the basic procedures of responding to incidents and emergencies.
  • the safety signs and symbols.
  • the purposes of job safety analyses (JSAs), safe work method statements (SWMS), and safety data sheets (SDS).
  • the roles of designated health and safety personnel.

A candidate must also demonstrate evidence of knowledge of specific topics.

What is the Required Knowledge Evidence?

A candidate is required to prove knowledge of the following:

  • Duty of care, roles, rights, and responsibilities of business owners and construction workers.
  • Meaning of hazard and risk.
  • Risk management principles.
  • Procedures in accessing first aid.
  • Construction hazards, emergencies, incidents.
  • Licence for high-risk construction work.
  • PPE use, types, and purposes.
  • Safe work practices.
  • Meaning of construction safety signs, symbols, and tags.

Assessment for both categories is done in an appropriate condition.

 What are the Assessment Conditions?

Availability of the following conditions is required for the assessment of general construction induction training:

  • PPE equipment
  • State or territory Act specifications
  • An assessor’s direct observation

Assessors are required to meet the Standards for Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) at the time of assessment.

Why is General Construction Induction Training Required?

Safework Australia requires a person conducting a business to ensure that construction work is carried out safely. The national policy body for work health and safety developed the Construction work Code of Practice, which contains guidelines on achieving construction industry safety. One is the requirement for workers to undergo general construction induction training. As mentioned above, it provides the necessary performance and knowledge before starting construction work.

Where to Enroll for General Construction Induction Training? lists the Registered Training Organisations that deliver the current units of competencies on its website. One is Accredited Short Courses (RTO NO 21903) which provides general construction induction training in the following areas:

  • Melbourne
  • Laverton
  • Sydney
  • Liverpool
  • Parramatta

The Registered Training Organisation delivers the current CPCWHS1001 – Prepare to work safely in the construction industry.


General construction induction training contains modification history, application, elements and performance criteria, foundation skills, range of conditions, and assessment requirements. The national policy body requires construction workers to complete this course to gain knowledge and skills on staying safe on-site. Registered Training Organisations such as Accredited Short Courses (RTO NO 21903) deliver the current course code of this competency.