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Learn why obtaining a construction induction card is crucial for working in Victoria's construction industry. Discover the requirements and benefits of the card.

The Importance of Obtaining a Construction Induction Card in Victoria

The construction induction card is essential if you work in Victoria and other states of Australia for occupational health and safety regulations. Safework, the state’s regulator, identifies construction sites as high-risk workplaces. So, it requires anyone who will do business or work in it to undergo training to identify and respond appropriately to risks and hazards on the site. Read further to know the possible dangers in construction sites and how you may learn to act on them correctly.

What is a Construction Induction Card?

A construction induction card also called a white card, signifies that you know site and worker safety. Safework Victoria states that this is required for construction work as it is considered high-risk.

Who Must Obtain a Construction Induction Card?

Safework Australia’sAustralia’s Code of Practice for Construction Work states that the following people must obtain a construction induction card:

  • Project managers
  • Engineers
  • Foreman
  • Supervisors
  • Surveyors
  • Labourers
  • Tradesperson

Such people may perform construction work, so they must prove they have undergone training.

What is a Proof of Construction Induction Card?

Any person who will perform construction work is required to have either of the following before they start a job:

  • General construction induction training card
  • General construction induction training certification. The code requires a worker to have this within 60 days before the work starts.

Both documents signify that its holder passed training to manage risks with construction work.

What are the Risks Associated with Construction?

A construction site may impose the following risks:

  • Location, layout, accessibility, and condition of a construction site
  • Use of ladders
  • Incorrect placement and setup of equipment.
  • Holes, excavations, trenches, shafts, and lift wells
  • Penetrations and voids
  • Unstable structure
  • Fragile and brittle surfaces
  • Unprotected formwork decks
  • Falling objects
  • Trench and/or structural collapse
  • Handling and transportation of hazardous chemicals
  • The presence of asbestos
  • Welding fumes, gases, and arcs
  • Hazardous manual tasks
  • The interface of other work and activities
  • Physical working environment
  • Injury and illness that may occur from accidents

Training for a construction induction card may help workers identify and manage these risks.

What is Construction Induction Card Training?

A construction induction card training includes:

  • The roles, responsibilities, and rights of duty holders.
  • Health and safety consultation and reporting processes.
  • The principles of risk management.
  • Common construction hazards and control measures.
  • Safety information and documentation (e.g. WHS management plans and SWMS).

Training for the above provides basic knowledge of construction work, health and safety laws, typical hazards, and risk control. Safework Victoria includes a list on its website of the Registered Training Organisations that deliver this unit of competency.

Who Provides the Construction Induction Card Training?

Accredited Short Courses (RTO NO 21903) is one of Safework Victoria’sVictoria’s identified Registered Training Organisations that delivers construction induction card training.

What is the Course Content?

The same RTO includes the following course contents:

  • Demonstrate knowledge and awareness of health and safety legislative requirements.
  • Working safely by preventing injury to self and others.
  • Identification of the common construction hazards.
  • Understanding measures of risk control.
  • Knowledge of the appropriate first aid response to incidents and emergencies.
  • Correct usage of personal protective equipment (PPE) for construction work.

The code of this course is CPCWHS1001 – Prepare to work safely in the construction industry. It is the current unit of competency that supersedes the previous versions. Accredited Short Courses (RTO NO 21903) follows Safework Victoria’sVictoria’s guidelines on the minimum duration of this training.

What is the Duration?

The state’s regulator outlines that the minimum duration of this course is 6 hours. So, the same white card training provider offers this regular course simultaneously. It includes a 15-minute allotment for pre-course registration and a 30-minute lunch break.

What is the Cost?

The registered training organisation offers the course for construction workers at $140 if you book online.

Where is the Location?

Accredited Short Courses (RTO NO 21903) holds its white card training at Suite 904/343 Little Collins St, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia. Its Victoria location is only one of its many branches throughout Australia.

What is the Certification?

Competent enrollees who pass the assessment will obtain the following:

  • Statement of Training (SOT) valid for 60 days.
  • A digital version of the Statement of Training in CPCWHS1001- Prepare to work safely in the construction industry (VIC).
  • The white card training provider will apply to Safework Victoria on your behalf to process your white card. As mentioned above, these are the required documents to present before starting construction work.

How Long is it Valid?

The white card does not have an expiry date. But you must undergo another construction induction training if you stop working for 2 years before returning to the job.


Obtaining a construction induction card in Victoria is essential for occupational health and safety reasons. The state’s regulator, Safework, identifies construction work as high-risk. So, people performing jobs related to it are required to undergo training. It will help them identify and manage risk and respond appropriately to possible injuries and illnesses. The current course code for the white card training is CPCWHS1001 – Prepare to work safely in the construction industry. Safework lists the Registered Training Organisations that offer this course, one of which is Accredited Short Courses. Passing its construction induction card in its Victoria training location provides you with the necessary documentation to work on a construction site.